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  "North Carolina State Government Web Site Archive",
  "Latin American Government Documents Archive, LAGDA",
  "State Agencies",
  "Higher Education",
  "Legislative Research Council",
  "Indiana University Web Sites",
  "Indiana: State and Local Documents",
  "Quaker and Peace Web Archives",
  "Canadian Political Parties and Political Interest Groups",
  "Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Swarthmore College Web Archives",
  "Misk. Tests",
  "UTARMS Web Archives",
  "Canadian Labour Unions",
  "South Carolina State Government Cabinet Agencies and Miscellaneous Sites",
  "National Government Statistical Web Sites",
  "Virginia State Government Website Archive",
  "University Libraries web archives",
  "University of Southern California Website Archive",
  "General Assembly, Tennessee",
  "Children's Services, Tennessee Dept. of",
  "Correction, Tennessee Dept. of",
  "Aging and Disability, Tennessee Commission on",
  "Education, Tennessee Dept. of",
  "Michigan Government Web Collection",
  "Agriculture, Tennessee Dept. of",
  "Commerce and Insurance, Tennessee Dept. of",
  "Economic and Community Development, Tennessee Dept. of",
  "Environment and Conservation, Tennessee Dept. of",
  "Finance and Administration, Tennessee Dept. of",
  "Financial Institutions, Tennessee Dept. of",
  "General Services, Tennessee Dept. of",
  "Health, Tennessee Dept. of",
  "Homeland Security, Tennessee Office of",
  "Human Services, Tennessee Dept. of",
  "Labor and Workforce Development, Tennessee Dept. of",
  "Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, Tennessee Dept. of",
  "Military Department, Tennessee",
  "Human Resources, Tennessee Dept. of",
  "Revenue, Tennessee Dept. of",
  "Safety and Homeland Security, Tennessee Dept. of",
  "Tourist Development, Tennessee Dept. of",
  "Transportation, Tennessee Dept. of",
  "Veteran Affairs, Tennessee Dept. of",
  "Alcoholic Beverage Commission, Tennessee",
  "Board of Education, Tennessee State",
  "Intergovernmental Relations, Tennessee Advisory Commission on (TACIR)",
  "Arts Commission, Tennessee",
  "Parole, Tennessee Board of (formerly the Tennessee Board of Probation and Parole)",
  "Tennessee Bureau of Investigation",
  "Children and Youth, Tennessee Commission on",
  "Health Services Development Agency, Tennessee",
  "Human Rights Commission, Tennessee",
  "Housing Development Agency, Tennessee",
  "Wildlife Resources Agency, Tennessee",
  "Attorney General and Reporter, Tennessee",
  "State Courts, Tennessee",
  "MT.GOV Connect",
  "Universiteit Gent",
  "Treasury Department, Tennessee",
  "Comptroller of the Treasury, Tennessee",
  "TennCare, Bureau of",
  "Free and Open Source Software",
  "Secretary of State, Tennessee",
  "Indonesian Islamic organisations 2007",
  "Rules and Regulations, Tennessee Dept. of State",
  "Drug Policy Archive",
  "Public Utility Comission, Tennessee",
  "Registry of Election Finance, Tennessee",
  "Ethics Commission, Tennessee",
  "Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Tennessee Department of",
  "Board of Regents web archives",
  "Wiretapping and the National Security Agency",
  "Rice University Web Sites",
  "University of Oklahoma Libraries",
  "University of Oklahoma",
  "Board of Regents, Tennessee",
  "Higher Education Commission, Tennessee",
  "Holocaust Education, Tennessee Commission on",
  "Developmental Disabilities, Tennessee Council on",
  "Economic Council on Women, Tennessee",
  "Film, Entertainment and Music Commission, Tennessee",
  "Foreign Language Institute, Tennessee",
  "Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation",
  "Tennessee Valley Authority",
  "Appalachian Regional  Commission",
  "Public Health, Tennessee Institute of",
  "University of Iowa Archives",
  "University of Iowa Journals and Newsletters",
  "Iowa State University Records",
  "South Carolina State Government Website Archive (M-Z)",
  "South Carolina State Government Web Archive (A-L)",
  "Bay Area Governments",
  "Freedom of Information (FOIA)",
  "UniMelb Domain Quarterly",
  "UniMelb Home Page Daily",
  "Diversity Business Enterprise, Tennessee Governor's Office of"