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  " American Library Association Web Archive (University Archives \u2013 University of Illinois)",
  " University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Web Archives",
  " reTHINK PSU: Provost's Challenge 2013-2014",
  "!st collection",
  "\"Fake News\"",
  "\"Fake News\" II (2019)",
  "\"News Sources of Record\"",
  "\"On the Glorious Hill\" - Lutheran Theological Seminary blog",
  "\"The Conversation\"",
  "\"Unite the Right\" Rally and Community Response web archive",
  "#HoldAugieAccountable Protest Collection",
  "#MeToo and the Women's Rights Movement in China",
  "#RickyRenuncia web collection (Puerto Rico 2019)",
  "#VoicesofCle Public Arts Project",
  "#homesnothondas Tweets (Homes not Hondas)",
  "#metoo National News Collection",
  "#metoo State and Local News Collection",
  "#metoo Web Archives Collection",
  "(Beyond) Nationalism and Xenophobia in Central and Eastern Europe",
  "100 Years of Women at the Yale School of Medicine",
  "100,000 Poets",
  "13 Sites Blocked by Egypt",
  "150 Years of Women at Berkeley",
  "150th News Websites",
  "150th Websites and Blogs",
  "180129 wee test",
  "19 brozzler",
  "1902 wee test",
  "1906 b test",
  "1968 Walkout 50th Anniversary",
  "1990s Fashion and Its Resurgence in the 2010s",
  "19th Ward Community Association",
  "20 b test",
  "20 h3 test",
  "2005 Senior Art Show",
  "2006 Senior Art Show",
  "2007 FAS Promotion and Tenure committee report on tenure policies",
  "2009 Annual Report on Giving",
  "2010 Senior Art Show",
  "2010 Tour de France",
  "2012 Presidential Debate",
  "2012 Referendum on Constitution - After",
  "2013 Senior Art Show",
  "2015 Metro Vancouver Transportation and Transit Plebiscite",
  "2015 Senior Art Show",
  "2015-16 Academic Catalog",
  "2016 Senior Art Show",
  "2016-17 Academic Catalog",
  "2017 Senior Art Show",
  "2017-18 Academic Catalog",
  "2017-present  Internet Society Website",
  "2018 Domain Crawl",
  "2018 March Madness - Loyola Men's Basketball Team NCAA Tournament Final Four Run",
  "2018 Pennsylvania Elections",
  "2018 Senior Art Show",
  "2018 State Legislatures",
  "2018-19 Academic Catalog",
  "2018-19 Trial Collection - Brozzler",
  "2019 Domain Crawl",
  "2019 Senior Art Show",
  "2019-20 Academic Catalog",
  "2019-2020 Yale Accreditation",
  "2020 Antiracism Protests",
  "2020 Commencement",
  "2020 Coronavirus Crisis",
  "2020 Domain Crawl",
  "2020 General Election in East Baton Rouge Parish",
  "2020 Graduate Student Strike",
  "2020 West Michigan and Presidential elections",
  "2020 in Websites",
  "2020-2021 Gubernatorial Recall",
  "2021 Domain Crawl",
  "2021 Election Committee Subsector Ordinary Elections",
  "2021 Federal Election",
  "2021 Israeli legislative election - 24th Knesset",
  "2021 Legislative Council General Election",
  "2021 March Madness - Loyola Men's Basketball Team NCAA Tournament Run",
  "2021 Michigan Redistricting",
  "2021 P&G LifeLab at CES",
  "2021 Sawyer Seminar - The Order of Multitudes",
  "2021 Snap Federal Election in Canada",
  "21st Century China Center",
  "235 Broderick Street",
  "250th Anniversary Celebration",
  "3-2 Engineering Program",
  "5.0 Production Test"